What We Do

We offer online learning solutions that enable learners and lectures  to Interact and share curriculum  information. In Corporates we offer an integrated  learning management system that personalise Employees training  and generate reports and analytics to management. Though we are an advocate of online training, we also offer a blended training approach which  involves classroom training. Our Online Solutions include a variety of features such as:



Webinar live sessions

This platform offer interactive features that the audience can use to ask questions and chat with the host.


Digital Story Telling

This feature allows the sharing of a blend of video, audio, images and text to convey stories, information and ideas. It enables the leaner to be more engaged and gain more understanding on the subject.


Document sharing

This feature allows learners to upload, download  and submit documents  online.


Online Interactive Learning

This is good for a Digital Classroom. This allows the leaner to solve course problem while going throw the learning material. This includes  online assessment such quizzes  and class exercises.


One-on-One Interaction

Allows the learner to have a one on one interaction with the lecturer when in need of assistance.


Generate Reports and Analytics

Enables the management to measure the efficiency of the course. To give analysis of classes and course performance, attendance and course completion.